Step 1:

If customers does not have an W.E.S. account, then please send a message to register for account creation support by W.E.S. CS Team.

Step 2:

After creating the account, customers proceed to confirm the account via email or phone number.

Step 3:

Customers log into their accounts, send product details W.E.S. (according to the information fields required in the system) to order.

Step 4:

W.E.S. will receive information / request, then search for products and send quotes to customers.

Step 5:

Customer receives quottation, if agreed, will process payment to W.E.S. in the form of bank transfer / cash in accordance with the policy and contractual terms.

Step 6:

W.E.S. Conduct customer confirmation of payment (80% in advance, or in full). Then W.E.S. will proceed with the purchase. Customers should always check the status of orders in his account.

Step 7:

When goods have been shipped to Vietnam, W.E.S. will update the orders on the system, send email, and call to notify the Customer of the order, and the remaining fees.

Step 8:

Customer will pay the remaining fees, W.E.S. then will deliver to home to Customer, or Customer may visit W.E.S.'s warehouse to receive goods.

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